Dialogue across dance, filmmaking and dramaturgy



A project curated by Adriana Borriello Dance Research (Italy) in collaboration with Vitlycke-Centre for Performing Arts Ekonomisk Förening (Sweden) Realized thanks to the support of Erasmus+ Programme

Body Visions is a performing arts training project that combines different performing languages, training and research, technical and somatic disciplines, compositional studies and creative freedom, practices and theories, historical sense of cultural heritage and innovative drive; it focuses on the relationship between live arts and multimedia/digital directing, and on methodologies to stimulate innovative practices in the remote or digital dimension. We believe that an interdisciplinary and integrated vision of training can best respond to the current performing arts landscape that mixes different arts, techniques and technologies.

The project responds to the need for an interdisciplinary approach in performing arts education, linking dance, music, drama, visual arts and theoretical studies, with an integrated approach to the use of audiovisual and digital arts and technologies. The aim is to develop innovative ways of questioning work on the body, movement/action and ‘presence’ – fundamental aspects of all performing arts.

Among the goals the project intends to realize are:

Research on dance in relation to other live and audiovisual arts and new media in order to contribute to innovating educational and training practices in the field of contemporary performing arts through

sharing between European artist-trainers (choreographers/dancers, playwrights/directors/musicians) and between students from different countries, artistic fields, competences

innovative training experience based on an interdisciplinary approach integrating dance with music, dramaturgy, directing, digital arts, including technological aspects and remote creative methodologies, linking practice and theory, techniques and creativity;

enhancing, diversifying and integrating students’ skills in the performing, audiovisual and digital arts, with a focus on dance filmmaking;

encouraging the use of “methodological practices” of shared online work, familiarising with technological tools such as Microsoft Teams, to reduce travel while respecting eco-sustainability.

The group will involve Italian and Swedish students aged between 18 and 35 who already have a basic training in contemporary dance.

The group of Italian students comes from Da.Re. Dance Research – Dynamic Systems for Transmission and Research in Contemporary Performing Arts, a three-year training and research programme funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture and directed by Adriana Borriello. They come from different parts of Italy and have a varied educational background, acquired in Italian private and public dance or theatre schools, academies, programmes, and choreographic high schools.

The Swedish students come from Stockholm University of the Arts, students from bachelor program in Dance, as well as students from Film Editing Master Programme and students from HDK Valand Film Studies.



Adriana Borriello Dance Research is the last association founded and directed by Adriana Borriello operative within research, production and education projects related to dance and contemporary performing arts and the fields of music, visual, digital and audiovisual arts, cinema. developed in 40 years of international career and collaborations with prestigious institutions in Italy, Europe, China and Americas.

Currently the ongoing projects are:

Teen Motion, research project dedicated to adolescents;

Corpo Antropologico, starting from ethnographic studies and aimed at professional and non-professional performers;

Da.Re. Dance Research – Sistemi dinamici per la trasmissione e la ricerca nelle arti performative contemporanee, three- year course of higher education and research created in 2018 and funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture;

productions and distribution of performances also site-specific;

publications of essays on contemporary dance.

Vitlycke – CPA is an artist led, user-created organisation, founded with the aim of providing an innovative meeting place for creative and research work within the fields of performing and visual arts, music, film and new media. A platform where artists can meet, create and share their works in a calm rural environment in the middle of nature, detached from the rhythm of the city.

It dedicates its programs to:

artistic residencies, within performing arts, literature and visual arts

informal showings and performances, often in collaboration with other networks

after-talks and lectures by artists and researchers

seminars and symposia

concerts and music events

film projections

festivals and other public events (ex. the biennial festival HERE:)

cycles of workshops for professional dancers

master-classes for non-professional participants

performances and workshops for young audiences

The aim is to also encourage participation, sense of community and critical and aware.

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